About Me



my name is Chris Da Costa.
I have got one of those long portuguese names but you dont need to read it
why? well because it would seem like you shouting while reading this blurb. Yes, thats what those names are for.

I would like to think im normal, like normal people would or crazy people.
I have been a graphic designer since i picked up a pen and paper.
I would like to have thought my self as a firemen, lawyer, doctor but thats not the way my life saw me going.

Rather playing with paints, pens and art was the perfect way my hands, body and heart could express the future for me.

i love design. you can see it in my work but mostly its the WOW factor. The handing a project to a client and the WOW in their eyes. The joy they see in their brand. Its like the look on a fathers face when he sees his child for the first time. I RAMBLE.

I have been in design for over 15 years with many different company names until one day i had to settle on a name. So from Lighting Studios, Lightning Digital, Costa Photography and more, i finally settled.


I have many clients around the globe and as a freelance designer, i can work from anywhere and assist anyone with design on many different platforms. I have worked with large corporations in restructuring their marketing and brand maintenance to the smaller businesses wanting a new look and feel, competitive to their industry.

Look im no van gogh but if i was, i would be crazy, i would only make money when i died, and some of you might read this and say who is van gogh.

I pride myself of customer happiness and satisfaction and really enjoy what i do.
I love life, i love my family, i love 4x4 adventures and mountain trails and i love design.

Im Chris da Costa, the one on one designer at Cdcstudios.